Ana & Norval Williamson
Natural Heritage
KCD 374
1. Deep in the Forest
New Zealand Native Birds including endangered species. Tui, Bellbird, Saddleback, Grey Warbler. In their natural setting deep in the forest. Tiri Tiri, Matangi Island, Bird Sanctuary, Hauraki Gulf.
2. Morning Chorus
The New Zealand Dawn Chorus recorded in wattle grove Tiri Tiri, Matangi Island with Tuis, Bellbirds, Saddlebacks, Grey Warblers and other native birds.
3. Evening Song
The New Zealand Evening Bird Chorus also recorded in wattle grove Tiri Tiri Matangi Island Bird Sanctuary, on the same day as Morning Chorus in the same location.
4. Moonlit Waters
New Zealand morepork Owls near quiet waters Kawau Island, Hauraki Gulf, with crickets and other night life.
5. Lake Rotopounamu
Tongariro forest. Quiet lapping lake waters, peaceful and tranquil the lake of the Greenstone Waters.
6. Island Sanctuary
A morning walk. Tiri Tiri, Matangi Island. Bird Sanctuary with daytime bird life.
7. The Waterfall
A walk into the Bridal Veil Waterfall, Kawhia following the river up to the face of the falling waters, and back again.
8. Volcanic Craters
Craters of the moon thermal activity - Taupo with mud pools, fumaroles and geysers.
9. Rainstorm
A summer rainstorm Taranaki, with thunder rolling in from the hills and wind blown rains. Starting and ending with a bright summer day.
10. Thermal Pools
Tokaanu thermal pools, southern lake Taupo with bubbling waters and thermal spring.
11. Dolphin Waters
Gentle foreshore waters Hauraki Gulf with natural Dolphin Song.
12. Ocean Surf
Long slow waves of the Pacific Ocean with soft whale song in the background.

- Total Time 60 minutes -

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